How To Choose Wall Art For Your Living Room

We all want our living rooms to be the most relaxing social space in the house, for those precious weekends and evening hours we all crave after a busy days work! So choosing art can often be a bit tricky - do you go for bright and bold to show a sense of adventure, or keep it neutral and calming with more minimalist prints. This guide offers a range of different solutions to this age-old question.

Abstract Wall Art for the Living Room

Image credit: @mrsmerrellyeah

Create Calm, Enticing Atmospheres

Wall art is an ideal way to instantly change the atmosphere of a room. One great way to create, or enhance, the calm tranquility of a room is to use the ever popular abstract style prints.

Whilst abstract can cover a wide range of style and colours, for the mellow effect we want to achieve we would recommend minimal, floral or geometric stylings.

Dark Minimalist Abstract Art Abstract Bed Of Roses Print Abstract Geometric Art Oak Frame

Minimal Abstract

Minimal Abstracts with their dark atmospheric colouring and alluring shapes work perfectly to help soothe the senses and instil a peace and tranquility in your room.

Abstract Florals

These florals, with their sense of colour provide a different kind of calm to the moodier minimal abstracts. The subtle pop of colour provided amongst the natural imagery can lighten up neutral rooms, whilst the floral scenes make sure your living room is uplifted in a calm way.

Abstract art also lends itself to larger sizes such as canvases to hang over a sofa or fireplace and create a statement wall, such as this Half Inclined Framed Canvas Art.

Half Inclined Framed Canvas Art

Image credit: @lcproject_creative

Bohemian Cool

Bohemian wall art typifies laid back living. Whilst slotting perfectly into a relaxed living room scheme, bohemian prints will also help to add texture, visual interest and personality to your walls.

The textural imagery (which can draw inspiration from anything from native cultures to the cosmos, nature to Americana) is coupled with warm, muted colours which complement a natural decor and naked woods.

Boho Desert Mountain Print Bohemian Textiles Print Bohemian Textiles Print

Make A Statement

Get your living room on trend by creating a gallery wall. Instead of having just one statement piece in a room, more and more people are leaning towards having a large collection of smaller prints on one wall, its a great way to fill your wall space and showcase your collection.

An ideal place to start would be with a set of two prints, like these Bright Botanical Prints. Having a pair already sets you off to a good start for creating a gallery wall. You can then add to these prints with more of a similar style, like this Pink & Yellow Sunset print, or counterbalance the brightness with more subtle but still on-theme Palm Tree Prints. 

Tropical Pair of Art Prints

Try mixing up the frames you use and the height you hang your prints to create a mismatched, yet flowing feel to the prints. The Grazia guide to creating a perfect gallery wall is a great place to start thinking about gallery walls in more detail, with a handy step by step guide and lots of images to get your creative juices flowing!

The Art Of Conversation

When it comes to conversation starters, what hangs on your wall is the biggest statement you could make. According to research, art brings pleasurable emotions amongst almost everybody who sees it - whether the piece is immediately attractive to them or not. Now, in order to have a conversation you have to have something to talk about, so lets have a look at what wall art can give you the best spark.

Geometric Prints

The interesting, thought provoking shapes coupled with harmonious colouring provide a great backdrop to spark conversation amongst friends and visitors to your home.

Striking Abstract

Abstract art creates conversation - full of striking imagery, vibrant colour and alternative meanings. These pieces work well in pairs, and immediately draw the eye when entering a room due to their often unusual thought provoking shapes, shades and colours.

The World On Your Wall

Lastly is travel wall art. Travel wall art can forever immortalise that special place you visited, can be a symbol of where you aspire to be - or can be a bold conversation piece for friends and family. That is the beauty and versatility of using travel wall art within your living room.

Mustard Shades Abstract Art Venice Beach Travel Print The Shard London Geometric Print

Where to hang art in your living room

With so many options of where to hang art in the living room, it’s sometimes difficult to know where is best. And different places work well for different pieces and styles of art.

  • Above your fireplace - perfect for large canvas art, large travel prints and large abstract geometric prints. A statement piece will draw people’s attention into the room, encouraging them to spend time there.

  • Over your sofa - also good for large prints, but this spot is also ideal for creating your very own gallery wall. Smaller prints work best for a gallery wall, especially travel, bohemian, abstract minimal and geometric prints full of colour and variety.

  • Shelves - a great idea for those of you who want to incorporate art into your home but don’t have the capacity to hang it on your walls, ideal if you rent property. Art can be placed almost anywhere on shelving units - between alcoves, on the edge of the shelf (double up as a book stop) or in the middle of the shelf to break up the line of books. Wherever takes your fancy, it’s pretty much guaranteed to look good!

  • Sideboards - another great place if you rent and can’t put nails in the walls, leaning art on your floor sideboards is particularly trendy at the moment, especially bohemian prints, travel prints and geometric prints.
Of course, there are a range of other styles and themes you could use in your living room. Travel prints such as this Empire State print form the basis of an international themed wall, whilst this Outer Space print sets the scene for a living room that’s truly out of this world.

Whatever you have in mind, there are now more ways than ever to style your living room - so let’s get going!

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