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Wall Art Size Guide

It can be a little daunting the first time you explore size in wall art. After all, how do you know what size art is suited to what area of your house? Do you want something small and discreet? Or a big statement-making centrepiece? Or maybe you’re still undecided. Not to worry, as we have all your canvas and print size guide queries answered right here.

The Basics Of Wall Art Sizes

Let’s begin with the basics of standard wall art sizes and their measurements.

Wall Art Size Guide

Small Art

Small art can be anything from postcard size up to around 30-40cm. At this size smaller prints can easily be swapped around, placed on shelves and styled as an accessory, as well as being hung alongside other artwork or furniture.

Medium Art

Medium sized art can be anywhere between 40-60cm. Ideally hung on the wall or placed on picture shelves, medium prints are still small enough to be styled with other pieces but not too small to look lost when displayed on their own.

Large Art

Large art measures from 60cm up to 90cm, making an impact when hung on the wall. This size looks great as a wall art set or at the centre of a gallery wall.

Extra Large Art

Anything over 90cm is considered extra large art or oversized, perfect for hanging above a bed or sofa and if you have a large wall space to fill.

Green Lili Beach Days Canvas Boho RoomArt: Beach Days Framed Canvas

Most Common Size Of Wall Art

At Green Lili, our wall art prints come in the following standard sizes:

  • 24cm x 30cm
  • 30cm x 40cm
  • 40cm x 50cm
  • 50cm x 70cm
  • 60cm x 80cm

You can also explore our full size chart for more details on sizing when framing with or without a mount.

When it comes to artwork dimensions we find smaller art prints work well in areas such as the kitchen, where there doesn’t tend to be a lot of wall space but plenty of places to lean or style with kitchen accessories.

Happy Hour Framed PrintPrint: Happy Hour Typography Print

Medium sized pieces sit well above small furniture such as accent chairs or side tables, they look great as a set of two side by side or stacked one above the other. This is also a good size to go for in the bathroom, which tend to be smaller rooms so look in proportion to the furniture.

Large art lends itself well to dining areas, living rooms and bedrooms, which is why large art is very popular, as these are mostly bigger spaces filled with big pieces of furniture, large art won’t look overpowering in these rooms.

Green Lili Boho ArtPrints: Orchid Flowers Wall Art Set - Native American Cow Skull - Image credit: @the_indigo_house

Oversized art is best displayed above a bed or sofa, or on high walls that perhaps cover two floors such as along the stairs. Finally, when it comes to gallery walls, we find it works best to start with a large art piece at the centre, and work out from there with a mixture of medium sizes, then adding smaller pieces at the end as a finishing touch.

How To Choose Wall Art Size

Gone are the days of struggling to choose what size wall art is right for you, as the following tips will help you be able to find the right size every time. No one wants to get their new art home and realise there’s not enough room for it without looking cluttered. Alternatively, no one wants to put their artwork up and find its small size and beauty is overshadowed by the vastness of the blank wall surrounding it.

Green Lili Abstract Mustard Wall Art SetPrints: Mustard Yellow Abstract Wall Art Set

1. Remember To Measure

This is a simple task that’s so easy to forget, but it really makes all the difference. As a rule of thumb, you should measure the wall and then multiply this measurement firstly by .57, then again by .75.

This will give you the range of measurements that your new artwork size should fall into. For example, if your wall is 40” the space your art should cover is 23x30”. When hanging artwork above furniture your artwork should fill a space that’s 2/3 to ¾ of your furniture width.

2. Single Piece Or Gallery Wall?

What do you want the focus of your wall to be? Do you want one statement piece hung alone on your wall, or do you want to build up a collection of artwork to complement each other? The above measurement rule still applies to whichever your preference is.

If you want a gallery wall, the size of your art pieces should be smaller, yet still cover the same area a larger, singular piece would cover. Again divide your wall by the magic numbers and either get one larger art piece, or smaller ones. Remember to account for spacing too!

Gallery Wall Prints: Pink Palm Trees Wall Art Set - Image credit: @sara_waiste

3. Try Before You Buy

A great tip to follow before purchasing your art is to outline the dimensions of the piece you plan to buy on your wall, this could be done using masking tape or sheets of paper. Then take a step back, or even leave this on your wall for a day or two, you will then get a good feel for the size and know if you have made the right decision.

If you’re stuck between a couple of sizes to choose from, mark the first size out then take a photo, then repeat with the second size. You can then easily compare by switching between photos on your phone to help decide which size you feel looks right.

Measure For Wall Art Size

Are you now ready to experiment with wall art sizes and discover what's best for you? Then head over to our latest arrivals, and start improving your living space today.