How To Choose Wall Art For Your Home Office

As more of us are now working from home, a stylish yet functional space may be just what you need to find that Monday motivation. By sharing some of our favourite home office spaces, we aim to boost your creativity and bring positive vibes to your home as well as lots of simple ideas and tips to help you choose the right wall art for a space that not only feels productive and inspiring, but that looks good too.

Green Lili Floral Art Home Office
Flower Line Art Set ~ @the_indigo_house

Get set up with a dedicated space

Having a dedicated space for work will help to give structure and strike the right balance between work and home life. If you have an extra room to turn into an office space where you can shut the door and leave the working week behind - perfect!

If you don’t, not to worry... Get creative and turn an alcove, space under the stairs or the corner of a bedroom or living room into a mini work station, still providing a separate area to get you in the zone. Hanging a couple of pieces of art one above the other could help to mark out your space, our wall art sets make it easy to choose the perfect pair and could be just the thing.

Green Lili Bohemian Art Home Office
Boho Desert Wall Art Set

Tidy desk, tidy mind.

Clutter and mess can be a distraction, an excuse to procrastinate . . . A tidy desk will enable you to focus on the task at hand. The quicker you get the work done, the quicker you can relax! Creating space on your desk allows you to work more freely, so try storing items in natural woven baskets for a bohemian vibe, or use industrial style metal trays and shelves.

Artwork which is simple in design will also give a clean look, adding interest without creating a distraction. Modern flower line art or abstract and geometric prints to keep your mind clear and focused.

Green Lili Boho Art Home Office
Move Mountains Abstract Art

Let the light in

Make the most of being away from a dull office with harsh, artificial lighting. Natural light makes a huge difference to your mood and motivation, and helps you feel connected to nature and the outside world. So if you can, set your workspace up near a window or in a light and airy room. To bring the feeling of the outdoors to your walls abstract landscapes framed in Natural works really well with a light and fresh interior.

Green Lili Wall Art Home Office
Flower Line Art - Summer Dreaming Ocean Print