Sizing Info & FAQ

Size Chart

Below is a size guide for our unframed and framed prints.
All UK / EU orders are printed to the nearest cm and US and Australia are printed to the nearest inch.

Size in CM Size in Inches Size incl frame
30x40cm 12x16" 33.4 x 43.4cm
40x50cm 16x20" 43.4 x 53.4cm
50x70cm 20x28" 53.4 x 73.4cm
60x80cm 24x32" 63.4 x 83.4cm
40x40cm 16x16" 43.4 x 43.4cm
60x60cm 24x24" 63.4 x 63.4cm
20x40cm 8x16" 23.4 x 43.4cm
30x60cm 12x24" 33.4 x 63.4cm

Common Sizing Questions

As we print everything to order we do ask you to choose the sizing carefully before you buy as this helps us to reduce waste. We’ve outlined a few of the common questions below.

What size is the frame?

The front profile of our frames is approx 2.1cm (0.8”). We use the same size for all of our framed prints.

What is the overall size when it's framed?

When you choose a framed print the frame adds approx 1.7cm (0.7”) to each side of the print.

What is the overall size if I choose a mount?

If you choose a frame with a mount the artwork size is reduced to fit the mount, so the overall size of the frame remains the same. We use a 5cm mount for most frame sizes.

What is the biggest size you can go to?

The biggest size we sell as standard is 60x80cm. If you are looking for something larger we do offer a selection of oversized canvas art that goes up to 90x130cm.

How to decide on the right size

If you are unsure of the right size to choose a great tip is to mark out the dimensions of the print or frame on your wall with masking tape. Check out our wall art size guide for more information.

Do you offer custom sizes?

We are sometimes able to offer small adjustments to size and colour so please get in touch if you have something special in mind and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Framing yourself.

What size frame should I buy?

If you are sourcing your own frame most of the sizes we offer are common sizes, so generally it's just a case of buying the frame that matches the listed size. If you are looking to frame with a mount or matt then really you can go with any frame and mount size as long as the opening or aperture matches the size of the print.