How To Choose Wall Art For The Kitchen

Kitchens are fast becoming the hub of the home - with open plan kitchen/diners to a resurgence in family mealtimes and dinner parties with friends and family, we are spending increasing amounts of time in this room. So, by default, it’s become one of the favourite spots for hanging pieces of art. But where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect piece?

Abstract Rainbow Kitchen Shelf Wall Art

Choosing by size

Wall space can often be at a premium in kitchens, with cupboards and cabinets taking up most of the space. In order to balance using the available space effectively without overcrowding, smaller prints are more versatile and easier to include in your kitchen. Wall prints can also be built up over time - you don’t have to buy them all at once.

Choosing a theme or style

Whilst showing your personality through your home is important, it’s important for your rooms to have a consistent style. You may already have a statement wall in your kitchen, particularly if you have an open plan living space. If so, buy your art to match. It’s much easier to match your art to your wall than the other way round.

Cheerful colours and witty words

Bright, warm colours in your kitchen will create an energetic and happy space that encourages people to spend time there. Reds and yellows are also said to stimulate the appetite - obviously ideal for a kitchen! Funny typography will also help to start the day off right making mornings a little easier, and put a smile on your face after a long day at work.

Green Lili Good Vibes Only Print

Fabulous Fruits

Choosing a theme of pastels or yellows allows you to include a number of prints, such as lemons, pineapples and bananas. Choosing a theme like this allows you to build your collection over time, and not be restricted to a single piece. Start with a statement piece, such as this Lemon Botanical Fruit Print, and then build around it.

Stick to the fruit theme and add a banana, tropical fruits or a pineapple. Choose the same frame every time, then regardless of whether you line then up or dot them around the room, you will have a consistent theme throughout.

Fabulous Fruit Kitchen Wall Art Prints

Alternatively, fill your frames with busier prints to add a sense of creativity to the room. The mixture of colours is warm and inviting, adding to the energy and comfort of the room.

Botanical Banana PrintGuacamole Kitchen PrintTropical Fruits Print

Beautiful Botanicals

Plants and nature also bring a positive and creative energy to our every day. If you’ve limited space for real plants, plant wall art can have the similar effect of raising your mood and keeping you calm and relaxed. Ideal as stress reduction if you work from home, and to help you wind down at the end of the day. Choosing a light wooden frame enhances the natural feel of the print, too.

If you already have a bold statement wall, try keeping your prints simple with some line art, like these orchid prints. The minimalist nature of the print avoids visual overcrowding and helps reduce stress.

Beautiful Botanical Kitchen Wall Art Prints Print: Eucalyptus Plant Pot Print - Image Credit: @my_best_laid_plans


Alternatively, if your wall colour is more neutral, try something a bit bolder, like this Pink Flowering Cactus Print to add some colour to your kitchen. Light pastel colours will still keep things calm, but will lift your prints away from the wall.

Pink Flowering Cactus PrintEucalyptus Plant Pot PrintMonstera Botanical Print

Style Guide Top Tips

  • Be consistent with your theme, colour scheme and frame style. Keeping things consistent allows you to continue to add to your collection without the room appearing overcrowded and unorganised.
  • Start small and build. Kick start your collection with one print. Hang it in your kitchen and get a feel for how it looks before you add to it. You might find that one print is enough for you. If not, there will always be other prints in the collection to add to your walls!
  • Maximise wall space. There’s no need to buy big wall art for your kitchen. Smaller prints are more versatile, can be moved more easily if you have a redesign, and won’t overshadow other statements in your kitchen.

Whilst you may have once despaired at how and where to hang art in your kitchen, there are now so many options you’ll be finding any excuse to go out and grab another print!

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