Abstract Art Ideas For Your Home

Did you know abstract art is often referred to as abstract expressionism? Despite the art containing no subject, it still manages to convey emotion. Which is just one reason why decorating the home with abstract art is such a favourite amongst homeowners. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to abstract art or a seasoned pro, our abstract art ideas for your home are the perfect way to help you find your next piece. 

Blue & Grey Minimal Abstract Wall Art Set Dining RoomPrints: Blue & Grey Minimal Abstract Wall Art Set - Image Credit: @gracefulmommy

What Is Considered Abstract Art?

Tate defines abstract art as: “Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.”

Abstract art allows the artist to express themselves freely, for a personal touch which is open to interpretation. Think splashes of colour, unconventional shapes, and scenes enticing you to look deeper with a different perspective.

Why Abstract Art?

At Green Lili we love clean, simple and bold design and believe in the idea that although a piece of abstract art may appear simple at first, it can send you deep into thought about your very own interpretation of it's true meaning - giving it the ability to make it personal to you.

Our founder and artist Michelle Collins has had a huge passion for abstract paintings from a young age, with masters like Rothko being a big inspiration. She explores various styles and mediums that have played a huge part in our collections since day one. She finds the process of creating abstract art both fun and freeing, playing with shape, colour and different paint techniques designed to go with the flow of the canvas.

Decorating With Abstract Art

Decorating with abstract art is a great way to bring your space to life in a way that’s personal to you, without being too obvious. So now for the fun part . . . time to discover how to pick abstract art for your home. 

Colourful Focal Point

An easy way to create a focal point in a room is through the exploration of colour. Whether you have white or dark interior walls, choosing vibrant and decorative abstract art in contrast to your decor will really make your artwork pop, demanding the attention of anyone who walks in to the room.

This is most effective with minimal abstract paintings, as large areas of the canvas are filled with dramatic depths of colour to really make a statement. Another option is to colour block behind your artwork to help draw the eye in further, simply paint a block of colour on to the wall and hang your artwork at the centre.

If it’s abstract art for the living room or bedroom that you’re looking for, oversized large framed canvas are perfect to hang above a bed or sofa, and being oversized they make a big impact and instantly create focus. This can also be achieved by displaying a set of two or three prints together.

Large Framed Canvas Abstract Art Bedroom Focal PointLarge Framed Canvas Art: Half Inclined - Image Credit: @amazingtelly

Abstract Art Wall Sets

The nature of abstract art with bold markings and splashes of colour means it works well to go big, and two pieces of abstract artwork can act just as effectively as one large picture. So if you’re looking to fill a large empty wall, we’ve taken the hard work away by creating the perfect partner to many of our abstract prints, meaning you don’t have to go searching for another piece to complete the look. Our wall art sets are designed to sit perfectly next to one another, or could even sit on opposite sides of one wall to frame a fireplace or furniture.

Green Lili Abstract Wall Art Sets Bedroom InteriorPrints: Mustard Yellow Abstract Wall Art Set - Image Credit: @chiswickterrace

Abstract Floral

Abstract floral paintings can add a sense of calm and tranquillity to your home, painted in contemporary hues with delicate details and finishing touches to suggest large blooms and petals appearing from softly painted abstract and expressive marks. Dream like in appearance and providing a connection to nature, this style is the perfect addition to a relaxing bedroom or modern living space.

Green Lili Abstract Floral Wall Art Living RoomPrints: Summer Nights Abstract Floral - Hanging Wisteria Flowers - Image Credit: @the_indigo_house

Monochrome Wall Art

Not into bright colours, fear not! With black and white abstract art you can still go bold with the use of big, strong brush strokes - try decorating with our abstract letter art for this look. Or to create a calming space opt for something a little more understated and minimal. Either way, abstract art is timeless and a great way to future proof the interior design of your home. As monochrome art works particularly well with a light and minimal décor it can be toned down with the use of natural materials - a technique used widely throughout Scandinavian style decor, which is still hugely popular today and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Green Lili Black and White Abstract Letter ArtPrint: Letter N Abstract Print - Image Credit: @marks_and_rowe_interiors

Abstract Gallery Wall

With effective use of colour, loose painterly techniques, modern clean lines and geometric shapes all featuring heavily in abstract design, mixing them all together in one gallery wall would be a really creative and visually striking use of abstract art decor for the ultimate modern home.

Green Lili Abstract Gallery WallPrints: Abstract Circles Art II - Minimal Mustard Abstract Art - Brooklyn Bridge Geometric Print - Black and White Abstract Scribble Painting - Pink and Yellow Sunset Print

It’s also the perfect solution if you can’t decide between moody and thought provoking, or bright and fun geometric designs. To get you started we’ve listed a few of our favourites and best sellers below. Also check out our handy little guide on how to hang a gallery wall.

Pink & Mint Green Abstract Painting Mint Green Abstract Art
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Want to see more? Head over to our full collection of abstract art where your next art piece awaits you.