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How To Choose A Frame

So you’ve found the perfect art print and can’t wait to hang it up! The easiest and most effective way to display your new wall art is to frame it. Framing both enhances the artwork and offers protection from dust, condensation and UV rays for long lasting colour to keep your art looking super fresh.

But which frame should you choose? Whether you want to incorporate the frame as part of the artwork, or keep it subtle letting the artwork speak for itself, there are two key things to consider; style and colour.


Green Lili Art Gallery Wall Prints: Ey Up - Mardy Bum - Image Credit: @thehousethatjenbuilt_

Frame Style

When choosing a frame style the first thing to consider is what artwork is going in it. Modern art prints look great in a sleek, thin frame where as detailed or vintage style art can be better suited to a more traditional frame. 

Frame material should also be an important factor when it comes to choosing a high quality frame for your artwork. At Green Lili all of our frames are handmade in the UK using sustainabilty sourced wood.

Frame Colour

How do I choose a frame colour?

When choosing a frame colour it can often be based on your print and interior style. Our frames are available in three different colours, here’s how you can make each option work best for your art:

Black Frame - A popular choice, sleek in style with no fuss, perfect for a modern interior as black frames will go with all wall colours, whilst the contrast really pops against white walls. A black frame works really well with bold typography prints and abstract art giving an overall minimal aesthetic.  

White Frame - To make your bold and colourful art stand out, opt for a white frame, this is even more effective when placed against a white wall to give the illusion of the frame disappearing. A white frame is also a great choice for contemporary floral and coastal wall art to keep them looking fresh.

Natural Frame - To enhance the natural feel of lush botanical art prints opt for an natural wood frame. This would also be the perfect choice to suit a relaxed Scandi-boho style decor.


Green Lili Frame Choices Prints: Dark Tropical Palm Leaf - Making Waves - Boho Desert Cactus 

Should frames match furniture?

That choice is totally up to you. You can pick out hues from your art or accents in the room and choose a colour that complements. Or for an eclectic mix, contrast colours and styles, mixing modern art with something a little more traditional or unique.

Should all frames in a room match?

It's worth keeping in mind that you don’t need to stick with the same style and colour of frame for all pieces of art within a single room or gallery wall. Create interest by carefully considering the style, colour and finish to make the most out of your artwork.

Should I Choose a Mount?

Framed prints without a mount

Sometimes it might be a better choice to frame your art prints without a mount, this is popular with modern abstract art and typography where you want to make that extra impact. If you are framing a print yourself it's also easier and quicker. This style of framing looks great on smaller sizes or for creating contrast when mixing and matching frames for a gallery wall. 

Framed prints with a mount

When framing contemporary artwork mounts are a popular choice. They are commonly used by artists and designers as they create space around the artwork, which helps to draw the eye in and results in a higher end professional finish. They also offer a layer of protection as they separate the artwork from the glass, reducing the risk of damage from dust and dirt as well as condensation. 


Green Lili Cactus Garden Art Print: Cactus Garden

Mount Colour & Size

We think a light or neutral colour mount works well with all styles of art, as it really allows the colours of the artwork to stand out. As a general rule the mount size looks better when it's wider than the frame itself. When choosing a frame with a mount option the artwork size is reduced to accommodate the mount, so it's always good to check the overall dimensions as it might be worth going one size bigger if you want the artwork to be a certain size.

Artist Tip: If you have a small print, or non-standard size frame, a great trick is to include a mount as you can cut the aperture to fit the size of your print perfectly. Add some interest by choosing a super wide mount all the way round or go big at the top and bottom and thinner on the sides. Using a large frame with a wide mount for a small print will create a focal point and stop the print looking lost when hanging on the wall, whilst layering mounts will add drama and interest so your artwork looks extra special.


Large Mount Wall Art Print: Boho Desert Cactus - Image Credit: @dazzle_at_home