Complete Guide To Bohemian Interiors

Whether you are embarking upon the creative venture of decorating a new home or looking to give a room a complete refresh, it is important to create a space that both reflects and best matches your personality and taste. The bohemian home décor style of colours, textures, and free-spirited flair may be just the one for you.

Green Lili Boho Tiger Art Print: Bohemian Tiger - Image Credit: @caffeineandcacti

What is Bohemian interior style?

When we describe the concept of ‘Bohemianism’, the first word that comes to mind is unconventional. It is the home decor style that deviates slightly from the norm in expressive, colourful, and artistic ways. We have come to know the term bohemian more so today from the 1960s Summer of Love era. A 'boho' styled home embraces vibrancy, life, and culture. A variety of artwork and plants - lots, and lots of plants.

10 ways to create a boho vibe in your home

You might already consider yourself a bohemian or you might be completely new to this style. Either way, the best rule of the bohemian home trend? There is no rule! Here are our 10 ways to transform your home into a boho paradise.

1. Decide how 'Boho' you want to go.

There has been a huge surge in popularity with different variations of the bohemian decor trend in more recent times. From 'scandi-boho', 'beach boho', 'vintage boho' even 'romatic boho', the list is endless. Here at Green Lili we have a collection of boho wall art, however, you will find that most of our collections can be utilised as part of any boho styled room.

Bohemian Interior Prints: Bohemian Elephant - Boho Sun - Image Credit: @vintagecloudds

2. Botanicals

Plants are a staple of the bohemian style and a creative way to decorate your space. They are colourful, vibrant and add texture to your boho den. They also purify the air inside and have a multitude of health benefits. Get crafty with different coloured ceramic pots and designs and Macrame woven hanging baskets. Add botanical art to your space alongside the plants for the ultimate bohemian haven. Both decor ideas are affordable and easy to source.

Bohemian Wall Art Prints: Cow Skull - Simi Textile Print - Image Credit: @the_indigo_house

3. Colours

Be bold with your colour choices. Remember, there are no rules with this style. You can experiment with colours that would not usually go together. Although there is no specific colour rule, the boho style has largely been attached to bright and cheerful hues. Think hot pink, deep blue and sunshine yellow. Warm, earthy tones, deep greens and browns have also become hugely popular too. Whichever colour palette you find you gravitate towards more- that will be the boho colour scheme for you.

Green Lili Beach and Tropical Prints Yellow FireplacePrints: Summer Dreaming - Palm Springs

4. Patterns and Textures

Don't be afraid to mix a multitude of patterns and textures together for the eclectic bohemian look. There are many ways to integrate a variety of styles into your space. From bedspreads, to rugs, to the art on your walls. Layering with a boho rug is a creative way to add more texture and depth to any room. Create a decorative focal point in your living room by layering two different sized rugs together. Choose one large area rug and one smaller for the cosy bohemian effect.

Green Lili Boho Rug Print: Boho Desert Cactus - Rug: Moroccan Beni Ourain

5. Wall Art & Prints

At Green Lili we have a large collection of boho art inspired by travels to California and trips to places like Joshua Tree. Think desert palms, colourful cacti and moon lit mountains for the ultimate addition to your boho haven. You can find a lot of our art also comes as a wall art set which works well if you are looking to fill a large empty wall. Adding lots of bohemian art or botanical prints to your home is a simple and effective way to create a boho space.

Green Lili Desert Mountain Framed Print Print: Boho Desert Mountain - Image Credit: @helloimaubs

6. Pillows & Throws

Although there is no rule to the bohemian home decor style- the consensus is generally 'more is more'. Pillows and throws are a great way to add more texture. Plus, they create a warm and inviting space and come in an array of colours and patterns. You can add bright, bold, and patterned throws to cover your sofa in your living room. Layer pillows on top of each other and even on the floor on top of your rugs. For outdoor spaces, use pillows and throws to create a cosy space for those warm summer nights.

Green Lili Mustard Yellow Framed Prints Bohemian InteriorPrints: Palm Leaves In A Pot - Bohemian Giraffe - Pink & Yellow Abstract - Image Credit: @the_koo_koo_nest_

7. Vintage Furnishings

Organic bamboo and rattan furniture are widely popular with this decor style. Both are natural textiles which, alongside plants, brings in another element of nature to your home. These vintage furnishings compliment most colour schemes and provide another layer to the more modern textures featured. Upcycled and repurposed furniture adds an eclectic and inviting feel.

Vintage Furnishings Image Credit: @vintagecloudds

8. Light Sources

Integrating a mix of light sources into your space is essential to the bohemian aesthetic. String lights, lanterns and funky light shades are a more creative way to add warmth and light to the room. Colourful, funky chandeliers and rattan light shades are popular choices, depending on your personal style.

Bohemian Light Inspiration Image Credit: @vintagecloudds

9. Layering Treasures

Showcasing treasures which you have picked up around the world is a huge part of the boho style. The belongings that tell a story and best represent you and your personality. Style a shelf with all your cherished trinkets and feature this in your favourite room. Or entrance to your home. The 'Shelfie' has become hugely popular and is a great way to style your boho charms. Add colourful books and small accessories inspired by your travels to complete the look.

Green Lili Shelfie Print: Bohemian Lion - Image Credit: @caffeineandcacti

10. Beach Bohemian

If you love the ocean like us, you can opt to decorate in the style of a beach bohemian, incorporating a turquoise colour palette, whitewashed furnishings, and natural wooden accessories for a coastal look. Add a large framed ocean canvas on a feature wall to add impact and another texture. This gives the space a cool and refreshing feel yet keeps in line with the relaxed, laidback vibe of the bohemian style.

Green Lili Beach Days Canvas Boho RoomArt: Beach Days Framed Canvas

We hope you've found inspiration to transform your space into a bohemian paradise! Be sure to check in our bohemian wall art collection to see the very latest boho style pieces from Green Lili.