5 Wall Art Ideas To Refresh Your Space

Is your home in need of a refresh? It’s easy for the same four walls to feel dull after a while and require a makeover. Changing your surroundings can also help make your mind feel refreshed too, and instil a sense of calm into your home. Experimenting with wall art is the ideal way to completely transform a room, at only a fraction of the cost and effort of completely redecorating.

Green Lili Mustard Yellow Framed Prints Bohemian InteriorPrints: Palm Leaves In A Pot - Bohemian Giraffe - Pink & Yellow Abstract - Image Credit: @the_koo_koo_nest_

Wall Decoration Ideas To Refresh Your Home

Every empty wall is a new opportunity to change the atmosphere of not only your home space but also your headspace too. Find our top tips for cool wall art decor that will refresh your home.

Gallery Wall Art

Why not combine a few of your favourite prints and create your very own gallery wall. Not only does this make your space individual, allowing you to convey your personality in all your best-loved prints, but also enthral your guests with your unique compilation of art. Displaying a gallery wall in your Dining room gives a great talking point over dinner, particularly if you include nods to places you have visited, humorous quotes and quirky pieces for the curious. Another option is to fill your stair way with art, this looks really effective and creates impact in a space that isn’t always a focus in the home.

Green Lili Botanical and Bohemian Gallery Wall in Dining RoomPrints: Monstera Leaves In A Vase - Desert Cactus - Moonlight Palm Tree - Banana Palms - Desert Archway - Monstera Palms

If you’re a fan of keeping a cohesive feel flowing throughout your interior, create a gallery wall using complementary colours, we find our botanical and bohemian styles work really well together. You can add visual interest by playing around with size, framing options and adding different elements such as mirrors and wall plants. If your style is more maximalist, go for it with brightly coloured abstracts and bold typography prints for the wow factor! Check out our guide on how to hang wall art to see how you can create your very own gallery wall.

Large Canvas

Supersize your style and introduce a large framed canvas to your walls, this is one of the simplest ways to refresh your home as oversized art will act as both a focal point and statement piece. If you have a big empty wall, simply choosing one large piece of art will make a huge difference and can completely change the feel of a room. Pay attention to the colours of the artwork, if it incorporates the same hues as your furniture, soft furnishings and decorative accessories throughout the space, it can really bring a room together making it feel complete and cohesive. Ideal for hanging above the bed, our large framed canvas art could be just the thing you’re looking for as that final touch to a perfect bedroom.

Green Lili Abstract Large Framed Canvas Art Minimal BedroomPrints: Half Inclined Large Framed Canvas Art

Botanical Wall Prints

Create an interior jungle for the ultimate wall refresh with our botanical print range. There are so many benefits to surrounding yourself with greenery and nature, and the same goes for botanical art. Not only do they look good but having plants in the home is said to increase your productivity, so why not bring your home office to life with tropical monstera and banana leaf prints for a little boost to your concentration and creativity.

Green Lili Botanical Monstera and Banana Leaves Framed PrintsPrints: Monstera Deliciosa - Banana Leaves - Image Credit: @dazzle_at_home

Also believed to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing, make that essential me time all the more calming and therapeutic by displaying an array of plant art in the bathroom. With lots of designs to choose from, our botanical range features many pieces which complement each other, ideal for swapping and changing around within your home to ensure your space stays fresh and that you always feel connected to nature.

Travel Inspired Wall Art

Bring the holiday to you with travel inspired art. Bing back special memories in a cool and stylish way to remind yourself every of your favourite holiday without having to reach for the holiday snaps! Our beach and coastal collection is sure to brighten and refresh your walls, offering escapism to sandy shores and ocean waves, with coastal art perfect for the bathroom. Whilst our Moroccan wall art will bring a little magic to your space, inspired by rich colours and pattern design of Morocco.

Green Lili Beach and Tropical Prints Yellow FireplacePrints: Summer Dreaming - Palm Springs

Create a Picture Shelf

If you’re looking for alternative wall decor ideas, picture shelves are such an easy and effective way to update your home. They offer the flexibility to change it up as often as you like to keep your space feeling original and new. To create the ultimate shelfie, remember it’s good to play around with different heights and textures to add visual interest. You can do this by layering wall art, placing large framed prints against the wall and then leaning smaller prints or postcards in front. Style your prints with a variety of bohemian accessories, house plants, candles, the options are endless!

Green Lili Framed Botanical Prints on Picture Shelf above SofaPrints: Monstera Leaves In A Vase - Desert Archway

Picture shelves look great above the sofa, however if you rent or your looking for ways to display artwork damage free, lean artwork on the floor, this idea works really well with large abstract prints. Alternatively place small typography prints or foodie pictures on the kitchen shelves!

Found inspiration to refresh your home? Be sure to check in our new arrivals collection to see the very latest in wall art from Green Lili.