8 Simple Ways To Create A Home For Slow Living

As the label suggests slow living invites a slower approach to the everyday hustle of life by injecting a sense of calm and serenity into our lifestyle. At Green Lili we are passionate about finding ways to slow down, to 'go with the slow' and there's no better place to start than your home.

Slow living at home is about placing focus on what is important, meaningful, and personal to you, and letting go of the rest. By working to streamline both our schedule and our interior, we can practise the art of slow living by incorporating a more natural, understated style and create a sanctuary in our home to retreat from the chaos of the outside world.

Slow living allows us to be fully present and encourages us to embrace the simple pleasures of life — in this blog we've rounded up 8 simple ways to create a slow living inspired home.

1. Create a calming environment

Think natural furnishings, white tones, and shades of beige. To help calm our daily life stresses and slow down our lifestyle, spaces with muted tones instantly provide a relaxing environment.

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2. Hygge up your home

Adopt the Danish way of living by bringing a little Hygge to your home. The entire essence of hygge is to create a calming atmosphere to enjoy the simple pleasures in life; to slow down. To create a hygge inspired space you can firstly begin by de-cluttering your home.

Mess equals stress. Create a sanctuary in your bathroom and use this space to rest. Invest in artwork, candles, and bath robes for the full Scandinavian sauna experience. Slow living and taking the time to rejuvenate are key principles of the hygge life.

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3. Interior lighting

Lighting is essential to create a relaxing and welcoming space. Consider lighting options and choose an ambiance that soothes the space and the soul. Take advantage of the sun and ensure light pours into your home as much as possible. Mirrors are a great way to bring light into the room when placed opposite sun facing windows.

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4. De-clutter the entranceway

Ensure that the first corner you see when you walk through the door to your home is inviting and omits good energy. In Feng Shui, the entryway represents the way in which energy enters your home and life. It is good to keep this spot organised for a stress free, slow, and happy life. Create hanging spaces for all your essentials - coat racks, key bowls and decorate with simple artwork.

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5. Create a Zen bedroom

Transform your bedroom into your sanctuary to help you slow, and wind down at the end of the day. Get organised, dim the lights, and let nature in. Add simple boho wall art or botanical prints for a true oasis feel and lots of plant friends to complement the space and aide your health.

Not only do indoor plants look good in our homes, but they also have a multitude of health benefits too. One important health benefit relative to the practise of slow living is that plants help to improve our mental health.

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6. Decorate with meaningful things

When it comes to styling any home, it should ideally reflect your personality. Take the time to source things for your home that spark joy and that are special to you. Decorate a shelf with your favourite artwork and books. Create a gallery feature wall of photographs alongside calming abstract art that reflects your personality -- slowly and meaningfully create a space that makes you feel good.

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7. A healthy, happy kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Decorate your space with kitchen wall art that brightens the space and organise your shelves with healthy, nourishing products. Foods that feed the soul. It is important to keep organised and let go of things you do not use. Old microwave? Un-used toaster? Contents of a slow home should only consist of items that you love and use. In every room.

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8. Wall Art + Prints

Slow decorating may take some time, but this ensures the process and finished result is meaningful and personal to you. Choosing new art is a beautiful process and you can take the time to find prints that make you feel relaxed and happy in your home. Choose thoughtful abstract art, build up gallery walls, shelfies, and feature walls or investing in large framed canvas art can be a great way to keep things simple - the possibilities are endless once you have found the style for you.

Image credit: @mishkashoe Canvas: Top Of The World Abstract Art

Slow Living & Green Lili

At Green Lili, we embrace slow living in all of our designs. When creating our artwork, adopting a simple, bold style is the very essence of our brand. We hope this blog inspires you to create a slow home of your own, your own sanctuary, and encourages you to 'go with the slow.'

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